ISET of Ksar-Hellal’s textile centre

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High Institute of Technological Studies of Ksar Hellal


 High Institute of Technological Studies of Ksar Hellal (ISET KH) is located in the heart of textile industries region in Tunisia. It is a teaching institution focusing on the practical and managerial aspects of textiles. ISET KH is already well equipped with industrial and laboratory scale machines oriented to teaching or research (Knitting, weaving, non-woven, finishing, metrology…).

The teaching staff is composed of researchers belonging to the Textile Engineering Laboratory (LGTex) hosted by ISET KH and others multidisciplinary competences. Its machine park will be developed with Wintex new acquisitions to form a strong technology transfer centre. You could contact ISET KH or LGTex administrative staff for any collaboration or further information.

The ISET of Ksar-Hellal’s textile centre


The centre contains machines already existing in industry but in small scale (1 head embroidery, thermocompression…) as well as machines that are complementary to what exists in Tunisian industry (electrospinning, metrology). Small scale machines help to perform new products developments which consume small materials quantities before tackling the industrial scale production. That is the simplest way to collaborate with industry and produce results rapidly.

Moreover, industrials are also welcomed to use machines which go beyond their capabilities to develop new products. For example, electrospinning technology could replace conventional techniques in order to apply polyfunctional nano-metric film on textile media. The centre could also complete the lab scale machines of ISET KH and LGTex. In fact, the non-woven structures obtained by carding then needling could be either consolidated with thermos-compression or decorated with embroidery or functionalized using electrospinning.

This set of new capabilities open the way to further collaborations with industrial and academic partners on new projects and improvement of new products.

    The new opportunities the centre offers

    New technical Center's capabilities:
    • Embroidery
    • Thermo-compression machine (Dry-nonwoven line)
    • Electrospinning
    • 3D printing
    • Hot pressing of printed textiles to investigate the colours fastness to dry temperature
    • Stretch recovery  test for knitted fabrics